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Lepe History
História da LepeThe LEPE Industry and Commerce Ltda. was born in 1949, was founded to serve the industry of artifacts rubber, bakelite and plastics. Two years after the start of their activities left for the casting of nodular cast iron parts, becoming a pioneer in this field.

In the 60's the automobile industry began to show its importance to the industry of smelting, the LEPE diversifying its activities in 1968 has provided machined crankshafts for cars and tourist.

With market growth the company moved to Guarulhos occupying an area of 24 thousand m2, near the airport of Cumbica and major corridors of traffic.

Currently LEPE is a branch of the technical parts of small and medium series, given the heavy automotive market line, or trucks, tractors, buses and subcontractors such as manufacturers of engines and transmissions. The company is engaged in the foreign market, acting, winning customers and markets as disputing the United States, Europe and Latin America.
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